Haanja Upland was chosen to be the centre of our life many years ago. Under the Haani name we offer our creations and provide the Haani Creative Hut: a cosy remotework place designed for diginomads, craftwork made with passion,
healing bodywork, and many other things that don’t pop up at the first gaze.


accommodation & inspiration

The Haani Creative Hut is designed as an inspiring remotework place for shorter and longer stays. Our homey hut is equipped for cosy living and it can accommodate solo workers, people working in pairs and even small teams. We also provide a range of exciting additional options.

yarn & sheep; furniture

We offer natural undyed yarn in black, white and grey from our indigenous Kihnu native sheep, suitable for a wide variety of knits, as well as woollen fleeces and pedigreed sheep from our breeding herd. We also make handcrafted furniture – tailor-made, such as the pieces in our hut.

massage & therapy

Creation is expressed in bodywork at its best. Massage and therapy help the body to relax, recover and heal.
MER massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage, Craniosacral therapy and Biodynamic breathwork are different modalities, but provide deep relaxation and much more.