New album "Metskass" (Wild Cat) released in co-creation with the Haani Creative Hut

Estonian singer and songwriter Anu Taul released her new album "Metskass" (Wild Cat) in co-creation with the Haani Creative Hut. Lyrics are written and concept of the album was designed here in Haanja Upland in close cooperation with the artist, who created all melodies and set up a band of professional musicians, each of them connected to South Estonia. 
Digital album was released in November and CD in December, in addition LP production is also planned and in progress. Digital album can be streamed and downloaded from Bandcamp, CD can be ordered from Apollo, Rahva Raamat and Lasering.

Singer and songwriter Anu Taul said, that she released her new album "Metskass" (Wild Cat) to manifest hope and optimism in the middle of cracking world Anno Domini 2022. Rooted in folk and traditional music background, her new album is a beautiful call for holistic integrity in musical expression.

Inspired by local heritage, people and pure nature of the Haanja Upland, her way of storytelling is a simple, but powerful act - a kind of sonorous experiment with deep voice and sound tones, light vibration and mood, but also rhythm of the lyrics and poetry, supported by professional musicians.

Music is written by Anu Taul, lyrics by Erkki Peetsalu. Following instruments are played:
ocarina - Anu Taul
electric guitar - Madis Meister
flute - Merike Paberits
bass guitar - Henno Kelp
percussion - Margus Tammemägi
percussion - Tõnis Kirsipu
recording/mixing engineer - Martin Kikas (Ö Studio)

CD cover and other illustrations of the album are made by Anu Taul.
Production of the album "Metskass" (Wild Cat) is organised in co-creation with the Haani Creative Hut, member of the South-East Estonian remote working network Kupland.

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