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New album "Metskass" (Wild Cat) released in co-creation with the Haani Creative Hut

Estonian singer and songwriter Anu Taul released her new album "Metskass" (Wild Cat) in co-creation with the Haani Creative Hut. Lyrics are written and concept of the album was designed here in Haanja Upland in close cooperation with the artist, who created all melodies and set up a band of professional musicians, each of them connected to South Estonia. 

South Estonia – A Hidden Gem in Europe

Travellers and diginomads looking for hidden gems – it is time to head to Estonia, more precisely to Southern Estonia, located on the outskirts of Northern Europe, next to Russia and Latvia. Near Lake Peipus, one of the largest inland water bodies in Europe, there is a very special region where different cultures and worlds meet. But it’s hidden treasures reveal themselves only to those with curious eyes!